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Alert Message: 2020 ASP Registration is now open! Click Here to register now before space fills up!

TUMC ASP Registration

Please read the following below carefully

About Registration

TRIP DATES: July 4th-11th 2020 Mark your calendar!

Registration is broken up into two part: Online and Paper. You will begin with online registration. It is expected to take you about 20 minutes to complete. Upon completion, you will be given paperwork that must be completed properly and turned in.

Things to know:

  • The trip cost is $565 + $100 deposit ($665 total).
  • You will recieve a $100 cash stipend to use during the trip. What you don't spend is yours to keep.
  • RETURNING! Online transaction fees are waived! Make payments online and recieve online acyoltes without having your account charged fees!
  • You must be 14 years or older during the planned trip dates in order to register.
  • If needed you can stop registration and resume where you left off at a later time
  • You have 5 days to complete the online portion of registration once you begin
  • RETURNING! Your deposit is due at the end of online registration via online payment. If you wish to pay by cash or check you must arrange with Nicholas Myers to do so before you begin your registration. Your deposit MUST be paid by you!
  • Acolytes and fundraisers will not be counted towards your deposit.
  • All paperwork must be completed and turn in 60 days after beginning paper registration
  • You must have parental approval if you are under 18 years old
  • You will be asked to provide a profile picture
  • RETURNING! You will be required to enter a debit or credit card that will be kept on file throughout the year. While it will not be charged when you enter it, we may bill the card later should you miss outlined payment due dates.
  • NEW! Some forms will be signed online to speed up the process!
  • NEW! Parent accounts! Parent's will receive seperate login credintials to manage their childs account if they will be under the age of 17 during the trip.

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